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Friday, January 24, 2014

About Waiting On The Lord

tick ….tock….tick….tock

Seconds seem like minutes…minutes like hours…hours seem like days

Before you know your life is flashing before your eyes…and your pissed…

What have I done with my life….gotta get move’n before I miss more of it,

That is the conversation you are having in your own head.

So before you know it you are out of the frying pan and into the fire…..


You are making plans….

So you go to your boss and ask for raise

That person that’s been in your life awhile you get engaged or worse married

Trade that 12 year old car in for newest , hottest make & model

Always wanted to be a part of a golf club…an opportunity comes..so you join

Move out of your apartment into a house…brand new…just built

And for awhile that new car smell makes you feel like you are on top of the world

Makes you feel like things are going your way

The fire you jumped into has been cleverly disguised as a beautiful tropical island,

Neatly camouflaged by the devil

You hear no sirens…you see no flashing red lights …you smell no smoke

Not for some time but when you do brother…. DO YOU!!!!!

That gentle storm in your marriage gets an upgrade to hurricane level

That house you purchased begins to need repairs

And now you have 2.5 children to be concerned about

That attitude, bad demeanor, insensitive, selfish spouse you married has long become very comfortable with you and their true selves begin to surface

Not to mention the raise you asked for and received Has come with more responsibilities and headaches then you could have ever imagined.

You sit in your $30,000 car with your hands on your head asking yourself, “How did this happen …where did I go wrong?”

We have all been there at one time or another in our lives, where we failed to Wait on God.

It’s hard for us to wait in the grocery line or wait in a traffic jam let alone wait on the Lord for anything.

We want what we want and we want it….yesterday!!!!

Impatience seems to be the order of the day. Yet if we carefully evaluated our lives we would see the horrific decisions we made has caused a slow stream of death in our lives because we did not wait the Lord. For Life without the Spirit is death …Romans 8:6

Like Adam and Eve…we don’t die instantly we die progressively, we spiral downward instead of upward.

What does Waiting on the Lord mean anyway? This is one of the most used Christian clichés used. “Just wait on the Lord”. But what does it really mean?

#1.When you wait on the Lord you are saying that you have an intimate, mature, consistent relationship with the Lord.

Waiting on God means YOU YIELD TO GOD'S RIGHT OF WAY

You can only WAIT ON THE LORD when you Trust Him, You can only Trust Him when you have developed faith with PATIENCE (@ rest @peace)and we can't have faith unless we add our belief (mental accession) with God-directed-action or obedience

Obedience comes from faith Rom 1:8 NIV

You can only be patient with Him,@ rest and @peace with Him, when you Trust in Him and LEAN & rely on His understanding and not trust in your understanding.* Proverbs 3:5

To have an understanding with the Lord says you have an agreement.

You believe you have received some information from Him and you agree with what He has told you.


For instance….you, as a teenager, want to take the car out on Saturday night.You have asked your father for permission he says, “ Sure, be home by 11:09 pm…”

You understood by the info given the answer is yes

You go to your mother on Thursday night @ 8:30 you tell her you need brownies for 50 people in the morning and she says, “What!!!!! It's 8:30 at night I'm going to bed. Why didn't you tell me before today or at least earlier today!!!?” Her answer from the info you were  given is NO, she ain’t mak’n no brownies!!!

You know The Lord told you to stop hanging out with a certain crowd ,your parents have not come right out and said stop hanging with them but they have inferred it..  They say, “Son something just don't smell right and that crowd seems to get into a lot of trouble”

Or you have this girlfriend since middle school 

You and your husband have a pretty good relationship but every time, like clockwork, you and your husband get into the meanest arguments after you have visited with your girlfriend. Right after this you hear messages about a little leaven…., your other friends tell you “Your childhood friend is bad news.” And you hate to admit it but your own conscious may agree  but it doesn't sink in.You fail to receive the information that is being told to you.You don't really understand or you don’t want to. You don't trust or believe what is being said is true. And you don’t understand until something really bad happens. Isn’t funny how reality  has to knock us across the head and half kill us before we finally “get it”!!!!

My point is this…In life God relays messages through many different ways on what His will for your life is concerning marriage, your career, your business, ministry opportunities relationships etc and even the timing on these things but often times we have failed to understand what the Lord is saying so we don’t believe, so we don’t have faith and patience, so we don’t trust, so we don’t wait…

In all thy getting get an understanding Proverbs 4:7

And no… you will not understanding everything but that is why its important to progressively mature in the Lord…SO THAT WHEN YOU GET INTO SITUATION WHERE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, YOU CAN STILL TRUST AND THEREFORE WAIT. But if you have failed to understand 2+2 along your faith walk you will not understand E=mc2 later on.


LIKE SCHOOL YOU PASS ON FROM KINDERGARTEN TO FIRST GRADE FROM 1st TO 2nd but unless learn what you need to from the 2nd grade you either have to take it over and remain in the 2nd or you struggle through 3rd,4th  grades.

There is order in the spirit realm as well

Spiritual growth takes time maybe not a lot of time but some never learn to trust some could learn in it a month but one thing is certain if  we skip the development of our FAITH WE WILL NEVER EVER TRUST  GOD and  WITH OUT TRUST WE  CANT TRULLY WAIT ON GOD ….SO DEVELOPE YOUR FAITH WITH PATIENCE 

Sometimes, in our own eyes, we feel like we have waited on the Lord because some time has passed.

It has been 3 years since we have gotten a word about a husband, wife, house, new job etc.

And we have obeyed…mostly …stood in faith….for the most part

One important aspect of waiting on the Lord we must realize is that GOD EXISTS OUTSIDE OF TIME

That is what makes Him ….well…God and we exist with in it, which is why we need faith WITH patience.

Without faith with patience those 3 years can seem like 30 and we can quickly become impatient and tired of the wait…when everyone of God’s children had to wait for their promise including the Lord Jesus and He was God. The only person who did not have to wait was Saul and we know how that turned out


In His Service

Lisa Renee’

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